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Wayne Toups, Steve Riley and Wilson Savoy The Band Courtbouillon


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Released in 2011

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Three of the most prominent and entertaining personalities (not to mention incredibly talented accordionists) come together for this GRAMMY-winning, good-time album. The Band Courtbouillon is just a few larger than life Cajun musicians sitting down to play the music they lovethe music they were brought up on.

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The Mamou Two-Step
Viens Me Chercher 

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  • 1. CourtbouillonOn Sale

    1. Courtbouillon

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  • 2. It’s Lonesome in PrisonOn Sale

    2. It’s Lonesome in Prison

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  • 3. The Bosco BluesOn Sale

    3. The Bosco Blues

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  • 4. The Convict WaltzOn Sale

    4. The Convict Waltz

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  • 5. La Vie MalheureuseOn Sale

    5. La Vie Malheureuse

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  • 6. Chere AliceOn Sale

    6. Chere Alice

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  • 7. The Hathaway Two-StepOn Sale

    7. The Hathaway Two-Step

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  • 8. Nobody Wants MeOn Sale

    8. Nobody Wants Me

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  • 9. The Patassa Two-StepOn Sale

    9. The Patassa Two-Step

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  • 10. La Valse de la BelleOn Sale

    10. La Valse de la Belle

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  • 11. Les Flammes de L’enferOn Sale

    11. Les Flammes de L’enfer

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  • 12. The Kaplan WaltzOn Sale

    12. The Kaplan Waltz

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  • 13. The Midland Two-StepOn Sale

    13. The Midland Two-Step

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  • 14. She Made Me Lose My MindOn Sale

    14. She Made Me Lose My Mind

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“It’s all about the music!” Wayne said to me the first time Courtbouillon played together. That makes sense on a lot of levels. Here are three guys, leaders of three of the most successful contemporary Cajun bands, drawn together by nostalgia for the music they grew up listening to. I hesitate to say “music of the past.” These aren’t old songs, these are their songs- our songs- they’re as timeless to the Cajuns as the Star-Spangled Banner is to Americans. Cajun music is folk music- it’s music by the people for the people, but most of you know Wayne, Steve and Wilson as the great bandleaders they are, standing onstage in front of thousands giving themselves to their audience. Here’s a chance to have them in your living room as three friends playing for each other. What a treat! The record was made with that feeling in mind. I wanted to capture that raw passion coming from these guys as they poured themselves into these beautiful songs and the job was easy enough! Standing around one day after a session Wayne looked at us with tears in his eyes and thanked us for letting him be a part of this. This music means so much to these guys. I hope you enjoy it!

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