Feufollet Cow Island Hop

Feufollet: Cow Island Hop


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Released in 2007

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The music of Feufollet is a perfect example of what Dewey Balfa meant when he said that he wanted to preserve not the music itself but the process that produces the music so that musicians will continue to innovate and improvise new forms that both surprise us and reassure us at the same time

-Barry Ancelet
Granger & Debaillon Endowed Professor of Francophone Studies | University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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  • 1. Prends CourageOn Sale

    1. Prends Courage

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  • 2. Cow Island HopOn Sale

    2. Cow Island Hop

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  • 3. Eunice WaltzOn Sale

    3. Eunice Waltz

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  • 4. Blues De Dix AnsOn Sale

    4. Blues De Dix Ans

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  • 5. Madame BassoOn Sale

    5. Madame Basso

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  • 6.Chère Bébé CréoleOn Sale

    6.Chère Bébé Créole

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  • 7. Femme L’a DitOn Sale

    7. Femme L’a Dit

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  • 8. Chère BethOn Sale

    8. Chère Beth

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  • 9. Sur Le Bord De L’eauOn Sale

    9. Sur Le Bord De L’eau

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  • 10. Jolie FilleOn Sale

    10. Jolie Fille

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  • 11. Je M’en Vas Dans Le CheminOn Sale

    11. Je M’en Vas Dans Le Chemin

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On a Saturday night, twenty and thirtysomethings, scholars, writers, artists, bohemians and young professionals dance to Feufollet at the favorite local outdoor venue, the Blue Moon Saloon. Red and blue neon permeates the scene and, as the band pounds, the wooden deck of the dance floor threatens to crash to the ground or fly clear into the louisiana sky. Here is a vortex of vibrant energy, a buzzing flow of youthful expression, a scene of endless possibility that can be found on any given weekend night in Lafayette, La. Like the cultural renaissance of the late 1960s that produced artists such as Michael Doucet and Zachary Richard, now is a time of fearless, joyful expression and thoughtful creativity. Feufollet perfectly embodies this movement with their new album, Cow Island Hop. Encompassing a wide range of musical influences, there is great attention to arrangement, sonic quality and originality. This is a traditional Cajun album produced, however, through a rock-n-roll aesthetic. Cow island hop is likely the most creative recording project to come out of this new era from a band that has become one of the most important voices for Louisiana Cajun youth; proud of their heritage, confident of their roots and ready to soar into the future.

- Kristi Guillory
Folklorist/Media Archivist | University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Feufollet is
Chris Stafford
Chris Segura
Anna Laura Edmiston
Joshua Caffery
Michael Stafford
Philippe Billeaudeaux

Taylor Guarisco (GIVERS) played electric and upright bass on this album and was a member of the band from June ’04 through December ’07

Guest Musicians
Tiffany Lamson: Drums on 1
Jimmy Breaux: Drums on 4, 5 AND 8
Oscar Courville: Drums on 7
Nick Stephan: Saxophone on 7
Josh Leblanc: Trumpet on 7
Chris French: Tuba on 7
Richard Comeaux: Steel Guitar on 4
Ivan Klisanin: Mellotron on 6

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