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Christine Balfa Plays the Triangle


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Released in 2006

Announcing Christine Balfa Plays the Triangle, featuring Christine Balfa. Nearly an hour of pure, unadulterated classic Cajun triangle. Seriously, its an idea so simple and so brilliant, we had to get Cajun royal lineage involved! This is sure to become a collector’s item, as we’re only going to print a limited amount, and it features Christine Balfa’s playing, the production of Chas Justus, and the engineering of Joel Savoy.

No one will ever do this again.

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  • 1. L’Anse au PailleOn Sale

    1. L’Anse au Paille

    Order Digital Song Download 1. L'Anse au Paille @ $5.00
  • 2. The Balfa WaltzOn Sale

    2. The Balfa Waltz

    Order Digital Song Download 2. The Balfa Waltz (features vocals) @ $15.00
  • 3. La Port en ArriéreOn Sale

    3. La Port en Arriére

    Order Digital Song Download 3. La Port en Arriére @ $5.00
  • 4. Blues de Port ArthurOn Sale

    4. Blues de Port Arthur

    Order Digital Song Download 4. Blues de Port Arthur @ $5.00
  • 05. Valse d’HeritageOn Sale

    05. Valse d’Heritage

    Order Digital Song Download 05. Valse d'Heritage @ $5.00
  • 6. ‘Tit fer á Grand-PéreOn Sale

    6. ‘Tit fer á Grand-Pére

    Order Digital Song Download 6. 'Tit fer á Grand-Pére @ $0.89
  • 7. Chéres Joues RosesOn Sale

    7. Chéres Joues Roses

    Order Digital Song Download 7. Chéres Joues Roses @ $5.00
  • 8. Two-Step d’AcadienOn Sale

    8. Two-Step d’Acadien

    Order Digital Song Download 8. Two-Step d'Acadien @ $5.00
  • 9. Blues de Tac-TacOn Sale

    9. Blues de Tac-Tac

    Order Digital Song Download 9. Blues de Tac-Tac @ $5.00
  • 10. Triangle Club SpecialOn Sale

    10. Triangle Club Special

    Order Digital Song Download 10. Triangle Club Special @ $5.00
  • 11. La Valse d’OrphelinOn Sale

    11. La Valse d’Orphelin

    Order Digital Song Download 11. La Valse d'Orphelin @ $5.00
  • 12. Bayou Teche Two-StepOn Sale

    12. Bayou Teche Two-Step

    Order Digital Song Download 12. Bayou Teche Two-Step @ $5.00
  • 13. Pine Grove BluesOn Sale

    13. Pine Grove Blues

    Order Digital Song Download 13. Pine Grove Blues @ $5.00

At only $6 (plus shipping) a piece, it’s the perfect gag gift or stocking stuffer for all of your friends and family who are Cajun music fans. Order your copy today for a gift that’s sure to create quite a noise! At only $6 a piece you can finish all of your Christmas shopping on a budget (perfect for these rough economic times, eh?) with the ease and convenience of our online shop.

Working with Christine on this record was effortless. Any artistic direction I could have given would have just gotten in the way of her purely simple yet nuanced style. Her playing transcends genre, stripping away superficiality and reaching directly to the core. It’s playful, emotional and at times cathartic. Let her take you on a journey of musical discovery that channels the old masters yet remains innovative and uniquely Christine.

- Chas Justus, Producer

Christine Balfa comes from a long line of traditional Cajun musicians
centered in the prairies of Southwest Louisiana.  Her father Dewey gave her a triangle while she was still a toddler and she spent much of her childhood jamming with the Balfa Brothers in the family home near Basile.  It wasn’t long, however, until she found herself longing to break free from the stifling tonality of fiddles, accordions, and guitars. An undeniable need to express the sounds she heard around her without limitation – mama stirring coush coush in the pan, cowbells tinkling as the herd came back in for the night, daddy grinding the school bus gears in the morning – became the dominating force in her life.  This CD realizes, at long last, her vision of liberation for the instrument.  Unfettered by melodic or harmonic content, she can finally tell her story, and the story of her people, to the world.

- Dirk Powell, Expert

Musicians Appearing on this Album
Christine Balfa
– Triangle, occasional yelling

Total Playing Time 55m28s

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