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Bozoo Chavis & His Magic Sounds Rubber Bootleg Series


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Released in 2013 

Valcour Records has teamed up again with Festivals Acadiens et Créoles and the Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for this third release in the Rubber Bootleg Series, featuring storied Zydeco pioneer Boozoo Chavis and his Magic Sounds performing on the festival stage in 1989.

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  • 1. Jolie CatinOn Sale

    1. Jolie Catin

    Order Digital Song Download 1. Jolie Catin @ $0.89
  • 2. Johnnie Billy GoatOn Sale

    2. Johnnie Billy Goat

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  • 3. Uncle BudOn Sale

    3. Uncle Bud

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  • 4. Dog HillOn Sale

    4. Dog Hill

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  • 5. Gone à la maisonOn Sale

    5. Gone à la maison

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  • 6. Louisiana BluesOn Sale

    6. Louisiana Blues

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  • 7. Dance All NightOn Sale

    7. Dance All Night

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  • 8. Make It To MeOn Sale

    8. Make It To Me

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  • 9. Eunice Two StepOn Sale

    9. Eunice Two Step

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  • 10. Driftin’ BluesOn Sale

    10. Driftin’ Blues

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  • 11. Sugar BeeOn Sale

    11. Sugar Bee

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  • 12. Motordude SpecialOn Sale

    12. Motordude Special

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  • 13. Paper in my ShoeOn Sale

    13. Paper in my Shoe

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  • 14. Bye Bye, CatinOn Sale

    14. Bye Bye, Catin

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 From Barry Jean Ancelet:

Boozoo Chavis first entered the music scene in the 1950’s and made his mark with the recording of “Un papier dans mon soulier” (“A paper in my shoe”). A first generation zydeco musician from Lake Charles, his budding career was short-lived—discouraged bya royalty dispute, he put down the accordion and took up raising horses. In the mid-1980s, he reentered the zydeco scene with an emotionally charged performance at the Plaisance Zydeco Festival and quickly regained his place at the head of the zydeco circuit, playing regularly in clubs, church dances, trail rides and festivals from Houston to Opelousas. His performance style was marked by his dedication to tradition, playing the music the “old way” —hard-driving and hot, and deliberately on a button accordion. Also known for his intensity, he once passed out cold just off the stage after his set, with the crowd still roaring over his performance. Playing until the end, Boozoo’s career was marked by a succession of albums throughout the 1980s and ‘90s and worldwide tours. He passed away in April 2001, shortly after a set in Austin, Texas. His legacy continues 
with three of his six children, all of whom played with him in 
the Magic Sounds and continued to perform after their 
father’s death.

This recording of their 1989 Festivals Acadiens et Créoles set captures the groove that Boozoo and his Magic Sounds unfailingly produced in their live performances. It is obvious that they were feeling the love and so were we.


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