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Valcour Artists, Partners on Treme!

Valcour partners Joel Savoy and Lucius Fontenot both made cameo’s in this past weekend’s Carnival Time episode of HBO’s TREME. Also featured prominently were two accordion masters who will both be featured on a Valcour release this fall: Wilson Savoy and Steve Riley (Wayne Toups will join them for the release). The TREME folks had Joel and friends completely re-enact their annual Mardi Gras run so the Cajun Mardi Gras could be represented accurately – without interfering with the actual run (because we needed a good excuse to do it twice!).

Most in Louisiana agree that TREME does a fine job of representing musical life in the Big Easy, and we think its great that the writers like to expand the horizons to include other aspects of Louisiana culture—like the Courir we hold dear in Acadiana!

Check out offBeat Magazine’s recap for more details of the episode.

Also, Steve Earle was treated just like everyone else

Learn more about the Faquetigue Courir from Wilson Savoy in this Times Picayune interview.

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