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Joel Savoy

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Son of Cajun music royalty Marc and Ann, Joel is one of the most requested fiddlers in SW Louisiana today. Growing up in Eunice, Louisiana, literally at the feet of Cajun heros like Dennis McGee, Dewey Balfa, Michael Doucet, and Wade Frugé (to name a few) Joel developed a strong sense of what makes Cajun Cajun and as a result, he has developed a fiddle style that is at once authentic and on the cutting edge. In performance he represents his culture with an authority that few people his age can and  his playing leaves no doubt that Cajun music is still very much alive. Well versed in music and a quick learner, he can be found playing with just about every band in SWLA a some time or other, though most often he’s seen with his  brother Wilson and their parents in the Savoy Family Band. In 2006 Joel founded Valcour Records which has since developed into what many believe to be the number one music source for what’s happening with the youth of Acadiana today. Joel also builds accordions with his father, makes electric guitars and hi-end tube amps and studio gear, and is an excellent recording engineer. He lives on a small farm outside of Eunice with a dog and a rabbit and he loves a good cocktail on most any evening.

“Joel Savoy is one of my favorite musicians on just about any instrument, but on guitar and Cajun Fiddle he is truly outstanding.”
 -Linda Ronstadt

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