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Feufollet is (pictured left to right): Philippe Billeaudeaux Chris Stafford Joshua Caffery Anna Laura Edmiston Michael Stafford Chris Segura, Photo by Jillian Johnson

Formed in 1995 when accordionist/singer Chris Stafford was 8 and fiddler Chris Segura was 11, Feufollet quickly became known as one of the most exciting Cajun bands in Acadiana, not because of their youth but because of their obvious musical ability and the vivacity with which they approached the traditional music of the area. In the many years Feufollet has been performing, they have built upon a regional popularity, becoming an attraction at folk festivals and performance venues not only in the South, but throughout the United States and French Canada.

Feufollet has been a band of young prodigies for so long, it can be hard to talk about them as just a band. But that’s just what they are: a band of extremely talented and seasoned musicians who continue to explore the vital music of their culture and region, perhaps with more excitement and ability than they ever have before.

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