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Bonsoir Catin

Bonsoir Catin is (left to right) Anya Burgess, Christine Balfa, Krist1 Guillory and Yvette Landry. Photo by Jillian Johnson.

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It happened one night in Chicot State park around a campfire. Four girls, all friends, playing music and visiting until the early morning hours. They realized that they shared the same vision that Cajun music should be unafraid and unabashed, full of energy and raw emotion. Since that night, Bonsoir, Catin has emerged as one of South Louisiana’s most exciting new Cajun bands.

Members Christine Balfa, Anya Burgess, Yvette Landry and Kristi Guillory play together with an intensity that stems from their passion for their music and culture. It is not unlikely to hear a wide variety of Cajun music styles during their set. They have been influenced by Cajun music local heros such as Edius Naquin, Octa Clark, Adam Hebert, Joe Warren Cormier, Aldus Roger, Sheryl Cormier…the list goes on.

Their repertoire ranges from songs learned from archival field recordings of non-commerically recorded home music to the music of the 1930s and 1940s like early Lawrence Walker and the Segura Brothers, all the way through the post World War II dancehall-era and into the present day. Bonsoir, Catin also enjoys writing their own style of organic traditional Cajun music that comes from their experiences as veteran Cajun musicians. Yes, Bonsoir, Catin is an all-female Cajun band. Their music is an expression of what it is to be a Cajun woman–feminine, classy, smart, brave, take-charge, and no-nonsense. A Bonsoir, Catin live show is not just a performance. It is an unforgettable experience.

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