November 2011 The Band Courtbouillon

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At Valcour, we know a winning combination when we see one, and it just doesn’t get much better that this. With The Band Courtbouillon, three accordion masters who are shaping Louisiana music team up to play the songs they grew up on. This album is the sound of endless creativity, unmatched talent and good times.

Here is the story of how the Band Courtbouillon came to be as told by Wilson Savoy:

What a cool honor to record with two legendary icons of Louisiana music: Wayne Toups and Steve Riley, each having such different styles and influences!  This project began when I contacted Wayne last year to talk to him about how I wanted to produce a documentary about his life. Months later, while working on the film, Wayne was honored by Lafayette’s Festivals Acadiens et Creoles and my band The Pine Leaf Boys performed to usher in the award at the unveiling of the new poster. Wayne played a bunch of songs with us and after the show he said, “I want to start a band with you and Steve Riley and call it ‘courtbouillon…’” So a few months later, on my birthday on a freezing cold Wednesday night (February 1st) we played a little trio show at the Cafe des Amis in Breaux Bridge with Chevy Foreman on bass. We went two hours overtime and what a wild blast it was! In high spirits that night we decided to make a record playing songs that we love. This record is a mix of common and uncommon songs and I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed playing and making it. You will hear songs from Iry LeJeune- a big influence for Wayne and myself, the Touchet Brothers, and more.    

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