May 2014 Smoov-Ras

Valcour Records and the Tipitina’s Co-op Lafayette are proud to announce that Smoov-Ras is the winner of our 2014 Song Contest!

To judge the tracks that were submitted, we formed a panel of 4 experts from around the country:

A music journalist/songwriter/musician from Port Townsend, WA
A college radio DJ from Hartford, CT
A musician/songwriter from Baton Rouge, LA
A musician from Philadelphia, PA

The judges knew neither the names of the artists or the titles of the tracks. Individually, they rated each song in four categories: Lyrics, Melody, Performance, Production. The tally of the scores chose our winner: Smoov-Ras with his track, 3 AM. Listen to the track below.

Smoov-Ras Bio

Smoov-Ras, a New Roads, LA native, has been involved in music for over 10 years. Highly influenced by Reggae, Soul, and hip-hop, Smoov-Ras believes that musical roots should be embedded into the culture. While he believes that winning is important, he does not want the people to forget about the love of the music. “This is the time where music is evolving, day by day. We must build a foundation for the youth. For the youth is the future, and the future evolves”. Smoov-Ras is currently the drummer of the band Dub37, where Cali-Ska meets Rock. The goal of Smoov’s music give the World something positive to vibe to. One day, that opportunity will reach, and once again, jammin will rise!

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