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Country-rock musician Denton Hatcher is one of the south’s budding singer-songwriters. Based out of Baton Rouge, he is currently touring the Gulf Coast to promote his new album, The Soapbox Blues. To hear a few tracks, scroll down. For tour dates, visit his website.

Hatcher’s music is familiar but diverse, much like the musicians who hail from his hometown of Vicksburg, MS., including Tommy Bishop, Willie Dixon, and George McConnell. If a man’s musical taste reads something like a journal, then Hatcher’s influences have helped cultivate an eclectic yet deeply personal sound. From Otis Redding to Hank Williams to Warren Smith (Hatcher’s cousin who played on Sun Records), Hatcher draws inspiration from many styles, but his music stands together like a strong foundation, one that quickly reaches the audience, opens their eyes a little wider, and gets their toes tapping. His music is simple but clever, wounded yet strong, which he holds together with the honest joy of a powerful guitar riff and strong rhythm.

Hatcher’s experiences in life have refined his sound, which exudes rockabilly rhythms, soulful blues stylings, and wounded country charm. He doesn’t sugarcoat what he’s been through; instead, he aims to take the listener on a musical journey of love, heartache, self-doubt, and rebirth. His music instantly grabs listeners and pulls them into the experience of his life, a life we can all identify with in one way or another. By focusing on life’s heavy-hitters in all their forms – relationships, freedom, love, and death – Hatcher speaks to the truths closest to his heart, which are truths that resonate in everyone. His lyrical content may be painful at times, but it is a pain that produces beauty. Hatcher speaks to the grim nature of life’s heartaches and trouble, but he is just as quick to share his love for transitions and a life full of opportunity and adventure. It is easy to identify with his darkest moments and his greatest triumphs, as they are all situations that the heart of America suffers from and celebrates on a daily basis.

You can purchase Denton’s latest album, The Soapbox Blues, from his website.


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