March 2011 Lakeview Park & Beach


Lakeview Park in Eunice, recently re-opened by the Rodriguez/Pitre families (good friends of Valcour), features leisurely recreation combined with foot-stompin’ good times.

“Almost every individual from the area has a story about Lake View Park. As a kid, they frolicked in the swimming hole. As a 20-something, they remember the time they got drunk and passed out in the woods. As an adult, they remember the time they saw well-known Cajun musicians like Dennis McGee play in the dance hall. Like many places that contain an unquantifiable magic, Lake View holds many a memory for those who have visited.”

- Dege Legg, The Independent Weekly

Our March Artist of the Month isn’t even really a human being, it’s a storied RV Park in Eunice (although it is being rehabbed and run by human beings). Lakeview Park and Beach, originally opened in the 1960′s (on land that was used for partying long before that), holds a special place in the hearts of Acadianans. Many have memories of spending their blissful childhood days there with friends and family, lounging on the beach and camping out. But over the last couple of years, thanks to a few bold local entrepreneurs, new memories are being made at Lakeview. Now, under the proprietorship of the Rodriguez/Pitre clan, new cabins are being built, utilities have been restored, the dancehall/barn is jumping with activity, and the fish are biting in the lake.

The restored park often plays host to Valcour bands and many of the other groups leaving their footprints on the cultural and music scenes of the greater Lafayette area. Whether it’s at a boucherie, a royal rumble, or another weekend getaway, Lakeview Park is the place for a whole new generation of music fans, tourists, party animals, and lovers of the great outdoors to make new memories.

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