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The Pine Leaf Boy’s 5th studio album and 2nd release with Valcour Records shows the band’s breadth of skills, styles, and interests. From traditional Cajun sounds to straight up country to the awesomely danceable “Werewolf Two-Step”, Danser is an album that will bring pure joy to fans of Pine Leaf Boys and any music lover who likes shake a leg from time to time.

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From Pine Leaf Boys frontman, Wilson Savoy:

‘This album, ‘Danser,’ is the Pine Leaf Boys’ fifth studio album in our eight years of being together. In these eight years, our music has evolved while our musical tastes widened, and the band has grown up. We have had opportunities like we had never imagined – four Grammy nominations, three U.S. State Department tours to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Jerusalem, Latvia, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and the list goes on. To this day, we are all just as inspired and excited to play music as we ever have been and the secret to this is simply loving the music and not stifling the music, but rather allowing the music to evolve to wherever it’s going. We love what we do; we are musicians. We would not be able to pursue our art if it were not for the fans of our music out there – the fans who wait in endless lines in the heat to go to festivals, pay $9 for a beer, stand out in the sun in the middle of a field, dance in the mud. We love you guys and we thank you wholeheartedly for your support.”

The Pine Leaf Boys are:
Wilson Savoy – accordion, keyboard, and vocals
Courtney Granger – fiddle and vocals
Jon Bertrand – guitars
Drew Simon – drums and vocals
Thomas David – bass

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