June 2011 Jolie Blonde et Les Bassettes

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Jolie Blonde et Les Bassettes met through the vibrant music and dance scene of Lafayette, LA and play Cajun dance music from Southwest Louisiana. Drawn together by their appreciation for the older music styles and songs of Acadiana, they have revived a number of songs which have fallen out of the standard repertoire, while continuing to play traditional dancehall standards as well. With three female vocalists on guitar, accordion and double fiddles, their music is unique and varied while still being deeply rooted in the Cajun music tradition.

Megan Brown, Kelli Jones and Heather Mullen are all experienced and versatile musicians who have been playing for years and have performed throughout the United States and abroad. The name “Jolie Blonde et Les Bassettes” (pronounced zhole-ee blonde ay lay bah-set) derives from the iconic Cajun song “Jolie Blonde” (which means pretty blonde) as well as the Cajun French term “bassette” which refers to a short brunette.

Jolie Blonde et les Bassettes’ new release, On My Way Home, was created through a small grant from Valcour Records. This grant and other like it from Valcour help to fulfill our mission of supporting and developing up and coming Louisiana talent.


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