July 2012 Chicory

Not much is known about Chicory except that he hails from Shreveport originally, where he wrote, produced and directed short films about raccoons with his brother, Coffeeweed. It is also known that he obtained a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge before moving to Madison, WI, to pursue a life in music against the backdrop of a separate but analogous college town, where the accents were slightly different.

It was around this time that Chicory was heard to have said “I’m leaving this town to pursue a life in music against the backdrop of a separate but analogous college town, where the accents are slightly different. And no one can stop me. Ever.”

In Madison, Chicory recruited musicians through the internet and formed a band called Flame Shark. Flame Shark put out a couple of rock n’ roll albums, including one that featured legendary Black Crows guitarist Mark Ford (AKA: Legendarie Black Crowes Guitarist Marc Ford). But moving to Madison put Chicory, a perennial rambler, too close to the gravitational pull of Chicago, and before long he had again migrated. It gets a little fuzzy after that, but Flame Shark was reportedly together for a while in the Windy City before Chicory decided to strike out on his own, though not until after shooting this revelatory video with the band (requires flash): 

Flame Shark: It’s All About Dogs from Justin Jahnke on Vimeo.

It is also known that Chicory’s name is actually Justin Jahnke (pronounced yon-key), and that he is unhappy with “Chicory” as a pseudonym and is considering changing it to “Sad, Sad Snakes”. In the meantime, Chicory has put out a solo masterpiece, One Foot Left, and made it available for the masses. You can listen to a few tracks below and click the “Download All” link to download them—and then you can let Chicory know what you think about the music by sending an email to motionisgood[at]gmail[dot]com.

And let him know how you like the name “Sad, Sad Snakes”. This is a big decision for him.

But that’s all we know about Chicory.

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