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Baton Rouge Music Studios started out as a private lesson business, but has since become a full fledged “School of Rock”. Using a curriculum adapted from years of experience in tradition music education, the instructors teach students theory, technique, and most importantly how to jam with other students. “Band Class” has taken on a whole new meaning for the young musicians who participate in BRMS’ Young Band Development Program. The students are placed into rock bands for 5 months semesters and 2 months in the summer. Each semester highlights rock and pop music from different genres and decades. Every summer is called Summer Slam and the students have a chance to write original songs. This summer, the elements of recording and videography were introduced to the program.

On July 30th, BRMS showcased 37 students in 8 bands at the Manship Theatre in downtown Baton Rouge. Each band wrote an original song, recorded it in BRMS’ recording studio using Presonus’ Studio Live audio interface and Presonus’ Studio One recording software, then shot and edited a music video for each song using an HD camcorder and Apple’s iMovie. The event proved to be a raving success presented to a full house. By  implementing video, live performances, and HILARIOUS banter between BRMS Owner Doug Gay and the students about their experiences this summer, the event was smooth and very enjoyable for all who attended.

“The goal of BRMS showcases is to be something that the general public would be interested in, not just friends and family,” said Gay. “We refused to settle for a recital atmosphere. We are in the business of entertaining, and that can be done while showing mom and dad what Little Billy learned over the summer.”

The music videos can be viewed on the BRMS Youtube page.

Visit or to find out more about all of the programs BRMS has to offer.

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