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July 2013 Joel Savoy and Kelli Jones

This past June, Valcour’s Joel Savoy and his infinitely-talented wife, Kelli Jones, were getting ready to leave town when they decided to record Ray Price’s classic “I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)”  (hear the original here), a song Kelli thought would make a great Zydeco recording. Soon after they recorded it, their friends Linzay and Emma Young volunteered to add harmonies and a “Hype Man” track to make it legitimate. Just for fun, Joel emailed the track out to a bunch of friends, including some in radio, and the song has since made a splash on the regional Acadiana scene, garnering many fan requests and unexpected press

Ever the opportunists, we have decided at Valcour to make the track available for fans to hear any time by using it for our July Artist of the Month feature—and we have also made it available as a download for purchase below. Soon, the track will be available from iTunes and Amazon as well.

We hope you enjoy it! This single track feature may be the first of many to come…

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