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American Thrift is ready to help you assemble the soundtrack for your life.

Our January Artist of the Month is actually a company/agency formed by three Baton Rouge artists–musicians, writers, producers–serving as curators of great music. They book bands, host events, produce seasonal “mix tapes” for music lovers and just generally keep their finger on pulse of what is going on in American music and beyond. Following their social media accounts keeps fans in touch with new singles, exceptional music videos and productions, classic b-sides and little known collaborations.

But bringing musical talent that might otherwise overlook (or be overlooked by) Louisiana is their bread and butter. American Thrift just got started last year and they have been bringing some of the best and most unique acts through Baton Rouge from near and far – including previous Valcour Artist of the Month Joy Kills Sorrow. Their upcoming shows can all be found on their website, along with their backlog of mix tapes, photos from past shows and a great blog.

To get the best American Thrift experience, we strongly recommend adding them to your social media accounts (links above) and blindly checking out one of their shows in BR. 

Here is American Thrift’s mission and biographical information as conveyed on their website:

American Thrift is dedicated to building community and supporting creativity by booking and promoting live music and art events in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Barrett Black. A seasoned touring musician, Barrett loves/does not love life on the road. His experience in recording, booking, promoting, performing and being on a label shape his artist-centric focus. Besides living room dance parties with his wife and three daughters, he enjoys planning, sushi, and wishing he was born in 1950. Barrett’s favorite Beatle is George.
black.americanthrift (at) gmail (dot) com

John Tulley. John is an art school dropout-turned-music producer, recording engineer and multi-instrumentalist. Alternately in love with and frustrated by the art and the business of music making, he developed a do-it-yourself—but do it with excellence—mentality in the face of an ever-changing industry. Whether slugging it out on tour, tracking in the studio or promoting great artists, he always finds creative ways to take music from the heart to the ear.
tulley.americanthrift (at) gmail (dot) com

Jeff Roedel. With more than 10 years of experience as a journalist, Jeff works as an editor at 225 magazine in Baton Rouge. His writing has appeared in New York, PASTE, Aquarium Drunkard, Stop Smiling and other fine media outlets. In 2010, Jeff produced Red Stick Sounds, a charity record featuring previously unreleased music by Henry Gray, Chris Thomas King and Generationals among others.

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