April 2012 The Passion Series

Filmmakers Brian C Miller Richard and Natalie Kingston film gelato maker Silvia Bertolazzi

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Our April feature is a project by a couple of filmmakers who use their talents to highlight other artists and artisans in the Lafayette area via short, beautiful documentary films. Imagine Artist of the Month on steroids.

Through their own art, Brian C Miller Richard and Natalie Kingston highlight those in Lafayette who have found and honed their talents, in hopes that others will see these films and be inspired to pursue their own passions, nurturing and strengthening a local culture of creativity. The skill and sensibility these filmmakers bring in showcasing Lafayette’s talent results in something few chambers of commerce or offices of toursim could ever pull off, because they are the talent, and they care about others keeping the dream alive just like them!

We are including a couple of photos here, but we won’t embed the videos (even though they are posted online) because we really want you to go to their website, see their blog, and watch the videos from there. Check out the behind the scenes photos and take in the benefit of the whole Passion Series experience.

Brian and Natalie with filmmaker and collaborator, Allison Bohl

From the Passion Series website

The Passion Series is a collection of short documentaries about people and their unique passions. Each film immerses you into the world of a soul that has been set on fire. Through this exploration, you’ll discover why these people do what they do and what drives their spirit.

We are two filmmakers [Brian C Miller Richard & Natalie Kingston] with a shared passion for telling stories through beautiful moving images. We believe that passion itself is a huge ball of energy that is spread like wildfire. By using the fuel from our own passion we want to showcase others’ passions so you, in turn, may be inspired to go out and do what you love.

Each month, we’ll release a new film on our blog. We will constantly update so you can check out behind the scenes journals/photos of what we’re filming, and other passionate-type stuff.

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